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We help you understand trading psychology and then slowly start with Basic topics where you will learn a lot. You will learn reading the charts can implement them in actual behavior.

We will cover Below Topics for you :-
  • Risk Management and Psychology.
  • Technical Analysis.
  • Buyers and Sellers.
  • Gauging Momentum.
  • Market Condition and States.
  • Use of Time frame.
  • Probes, Fake Outs, and Spikes.
  • Candlestick analysis.
  • Highly used Pattern analysis.
  • Trend-line analysis
  • Swing trading
BASIC- 1199$
  • It is an Package in which you can learn basics of market. We will cover below topics for you in this package.
  • Introduction to Forex & Comex market.
  • Introduction to Currencies & Commodities and Their Trade system.
  • Types of Market Analysis.
  • Details of Forex & Comex Market.
  • This Package is for traders who are willing to be master of the Market. You will come to know about various topics mentioned below-
  • Detailed Explanation of Forex & Comex Market.
  • 6 to the 8-week powerful training program.
  • Lessons released in a logical way every week.
  • Daily examples from the LIVE market.
  • A Support Webinar.
  • all the activities will be conducted through Google Meet.
  • PDF for reference.